Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hey guys, It's Owen and Tiffany!!

Our last day( June 20th) in Alabama ended kind of bitter sweet on the climbing side. None of us ended up sending the climbs we were working on . Dalan and I even fell on the last few moves of unshackled (13c). It was hard to be upset since the climbing was better than we expected. We left Alabama excited to go train in Atlanta. 

Staying in the dirty south, we made it to Elizabeth’s Aunts house. They were extremely welcoming and their hospitality was amazing.

 Our first night, and every other night was spent watching movies, from The Usual suspect to the classic Fight Club. Our first day at the gym (June 21st) went very well. Our skin hurt, and we got extremely pumped, but never the less, we worked hard and had fun. The car ride back consisted of listening to the best DJ (me) and dancing all the way back. Every ride after that, we did the same dancing and poor singing. Our go to song became the very musically aesthetic song: “Call me maybe”. Addison and I really seemed to enjoy dancing and making a fool of ourselves to that song. 

Our second night (June 22nd) at 3am, we decided to take a run around the neighborhood. We ended up running 3 miles, and coming home extremely sweaty and tired. 

The next day (REST DAY) we woke up around 2pm and went to the mall to play lunar putt putt. 

Tiffany ended up with the worst score, and in turn she was given a slave wish (we got to decide one thing that Tiffany had to do, which usually ends in humiliation). We have not determined Tiffs slave wish, which will be mentioned later no matter how humiliating it might be. 

That night was spent running around in a tiger costume.

and... making EPIC nutella sandwhiches

The next day (June 23rd) we became more serious as we trained for 7 hours in the gym. We mainly were working on onsighting the climbs there, and trying to build up our endurance for the towering 600ft walls.

Owen and Dalan SPLEADING (speed leading)

After a great stay at Elizabeth’s Aunts house, we made the move to Dalan’s Uncles house. 
Once again, we had another great house to stay at. We spent the first night (June 24th) walking their huge and playful dog, Shadow, around the neighborhood.

We also decide to chase geese all around the pond.

 The next day(June 25th) , after the 5 hour drive to the gym(really 45 mins), we had another 7 hour day of climbing. Our fatigue really started to kick in as we fought our pain and pump to continue training!

Keepin us psyched...THANKS JOSH!

Yesterday( June 26th) we had a late start… waking up around noon, making it up to the gym around 2 p.m. We climbed for good five hours and then headed home. We made a stop at Atlanta’s very own: Krystals burger joint. Dalan had been ranting about how delicious the burgers were so we decided to try them out!


Joe Gifford

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