Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Always Prepared with Roam Ready

Hey guys, It's Canon Huse from the DSC crew!!

Roam Ready

Through my friend Dominic and the competitions I have been to recently I have been able to get to know Zach Ready of the Ready brothers. For those of you who don't know what these guys do, they are a local Dallas company that makes high quality outdoor gear that can be custom tailored to fit your body. When I went on my trip to the Red River Gorge with Dominic he brought along lots of Ready gear that I got to personally try out, so I figured, why not do a little gear review.



The MOAB (mother of all bags) is a climbing specific bag that is made to carry all of your gear with ease and still have extra room. It has a unique boxy shape and a big roll top.


This bag is big. It can carry everything you need and keep it organized because it has four internal storage pockets and a strap to keep your rope or whatever else you need in place while your roaming around. It sits comfortably on your back even on the long up hill hikes into the Red and once your there it provides a very nice place to sit and put your shoes on.


When I got to use the bag it was the prototype and instead of the roll top it had a zipper closure. I like the zipper closure much better than the roll top because I feel like the zipper closure lays more comfortably on your back. Also the shoulder straps could have a little padding.

Bottom Line

This is a great climbing bag that will serve you well on any trip you go on, from a quick day trip to the local crag or that long road trip you have been planning.   

The 47


My friend Dominic has this jacket and while we were at the red he let me try it out for the day. This is a minimalist shell designed to be quick, light, and keep you dry no matter how heavy the downpour. 


I really liked that the cut of the jacket was more athletic and I could still move around easily when wearing it. The material it was made out of felt good against my arms and was very sturdy. I didn't try it out but the hood felt like it could accommodate a helmet, which is always a good option to have when rock climbing.


This jacket needs pockets! When I was wearing this jacket and there was a cold wind or it was drizzling rain I would go to put my hands in the pockets I thought were there only to be disappointed again and again.

Bottom Line

I really liked this jacket a lot and even though it is a great minimalist shell I think the addition of pockets would make it even better.

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  1. Thanks Canon for the great reviews! When we first conceived of the MOAB it was originally going to be a "zippered-bag," and one of our testers felt the roll-top would be a more convenient option. -Personally I like both, but your review is spot-on. Look for future iterations to have a zipper.

    Also, your assessment of the 47 has been a consistent review and your requests are not going unheard! Right now you can order a custom jacket with all the bells and whistles, or you can special order an in stock jacket with a custom chest pocket.

    -Thanks for the great reviews and keep them coming!